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All projects come with their own unique set of challenges. Effective communication and efficient problem solving are just about the two most important factors that construction managers today must master to realize a successful construction project.

A General Contractor is only as good as the Vendors and Subcontractors chosen for the project. Superior management will only take a project so far without an effective team backing that management up to meet the client’s demands. As a former superintendent, project manager, and now business owner, Kyle and his team understand all the challenges that are present on any commercial job. Unfortunately, the list of reasons why a task cannot be accomplished is usually much longer than the list of reasons why a task can be accomplished.

Recon Siteworks looks at each challenge, each obstacle, each project through the lens of, “How can we accomplish this task?”  Our job is to help make each project successful, to make each General Contractor successful, and to provide a level of service that no other company can match. When Recon Siteworks is hired for your project, be assured that we will efficiently handle our scope of work and work well within the overall project team of vendors and subcontractors. General Contractors have plenty of other issues to be dealing with, they will not have to worry about Recon Siteworks performing on their projects.


  • Foundations

  • Elevated Concrete Slabs

  • Cast-In-Place Structures

  • Retaining Walls

  • Concrete Paving

  • Flatwork

  • Excavation and Grading

  • Building Pads

  • Soil Stabilization

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